Gold’n Plump Poultry Inc. has changed its name to GNP Company to reflect its transformation from a company selling a single brand to a multi-brand company. The company has launched a new, more sustainably minded premium brand of chicken called Just BARE® and, in 2010, its value brand called Sunny Roost® to serve the needs of a more diverse base of customers and consumers by offering three brands of chicken with distinct attributes, the company said recently.

“Our value has gone from being about one brand promised to three–which made a new company name a necessity.  It also changed from being efficient to survive to being efficient to thrive,” said Michael Helgeson, the company’s chief executive officer.

Another company milestone is the completion of a multi-year, $110 million expansion of its fully integrated operation in Arcadia, Wisconsin.  Improvements made at the complex have tripled the plant’s production capacity from 320,000 birds per week to 960,000, with a capacity of up to 1,000,000 birds per week during periods of peak demand.