USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) last week purchased 1,888,000 pounds of chicken and chicken products at an approximate cost of $1,444,971.20 for school lunch and other domestic food nutrition assistance programs.  The complete purchase report can be found on AMS’s Web site.  Details of the June 28 purchase follow:

 Product  Pounds Award Prices  Total Dollars
 Cut-up  880,000 $0.7773 – $0.8561  $704,552.00
 Chilled bulk pack (large)  720,000 $0.7196 – $0.7196  518,112.00
 Chilled bulk pack (small)  288,000 $0.7719 – $0.7719  222,307.20
 Total Purchase  1,888,000  $1,444,971.20


 The next invitation for chicken and chicken products was issued on July 6.  Offers are due by July 13.  Acceptances will be announced by July 18 for delivery from August 1-15.  The invitation can be found on AMS’s Web site.