Even though total broiler meat consumption in the Caribbean is predicted to decline about 1 percent in 2011 from 2010, total broiler meat consumption in the Caribbean will have increased 49 percent from 263,000 metric tons in 2001 to an estimated 392,000 tons in 2011 according to the International Egg and Poultry Review from Agricultural Marketing Service’s Poultry Program.  Broiler meat production will likely increase 1 percent in 2011, but 2011 broiler meat production in the Caribbean will be approximately 18 percent lower than 2001.

Caribbean’s increasing domestic broiler meat consumption and its lower domestic broiler meat production has resulted in broiler meat imports increasing 148 percent from 2001 to estimated 2011.  A slight decrease in total broiler meat imports for 2011 is likely, however.

Cumulative January-July 2011 U.S. broiler meat exports to the Caribbean were down 15 percent by volume from the same period in 2010, but up  about 195 percent since 2001 for the same time period.  The top U.S. broiler meat export destination in the Caribbean is Haiti.