USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) on October 27 purchased chicken fajita strips for distribution to the child nutrition and other related domestic food assistance programs for fiscal year 2012. Deliveries are to be made from November 16 through December 15.  Chicken fajita strips in 30-pound cartons totaled 1,248,000 pounds at a price range of $2.1060-$2.1996 for a total of $2,687,279.40.  Awards were to Bruce Packing Company, Silverton, Oregon and Keystone Foods LLC, Huntsville, Alabama.

USDA’s AMS also announced on November 9, 2011, an award of 300,000 pounds of canned boned chicken to Southern Hens.  Prices ranged from $2.22 to $2.32 per pound.