The National Chicken Council along with U.S. Poultry and Egg Association, National Pork Producers Council, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, and others sent a letter to EPA on December 8, 2011 requesting a 60-day extension, from December 20, 2011, until February 20, 2011, to the comment period for EPA’s proposed National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) Reporting Rule.

The letter outlined that by adding an additional 60 days to the comment period, stakeholders who are most likely affected by the rule will have “the opportunity to fully understand the rulemaking and its impact on their farms. We can use this 60-day extension to consult with our counterparts and practitioners in the veterinary and biosecurity communities, and then conduct outreach and seek policy approval from our farmer and rancher membership during our state level winter meetings.”

 A copy of the letter submitted to EPA can be found here: Livestock Letter Requesting an Extension of Time for Comments on the Section 308 Rule.