Broiler production this year continues to be forecast at 36.109 billion pounds, 2.0 percent below the slightly revised downward estimate for 2011 of 36.844 billion pounds, 50 million pounds less than the December estimate, according to USDA’s “World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimate” report issued yesterday from the World Agricultural Outlook Board.

Turkey production in 2012 was also left unchanged from last month’s report at 5.768 billion pounds, 0.8 percent over the 5.720 billion pounds estimated for 2011.  Forecasted beef  production this year is seen at 25.075 billion pounds, only marginally more than last month’s forecast and 4.6 percent less than the 26.297 billion pounds now estimated for 2011.  Pork production showed more change for 2012 with the board’s 2012 forecast at 23.209 billion pounds, 75 million pounds more than last month’s forecast and 1.9 percent above the 22.778 billion pounds estimated for 2011.

Combined red meat and poultry will  likely reach 90.970 billion pounds, 1.489 billion pounds less than the 92.459 billion pounds estimated for 2011.  In 2010, total red meat and poultry production was 91.772 billion pounds.

Broiler exports this year are forecast at 7.000 billion pounds, unchanged from last month’s forecast and 0.5 percent more than the 6.962 billion pounds estimated for 2011.  Board analysts raised the 2011 estimate for broiler exports by 50 million pounds from its December estimate.  In 2010, broiler exports were 6.765 billion pounds, excluding feet-paws.

This year’s 12-city wholesale broiler price is expected to average between 80-86 cents per pound, unchanged from last month’s forecast.  In 2011, the comparable wholesale broiler was 79.0 cents per pound and in 2010 was 82.9 cents per pound.