Mexico’s Unit of Foreign Trade Practices (UPCI) published its preliminary determination in its anti-dumping investigation against imports of U.S. chicken leg quarters, according to a report from USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) citing the January 19 edition of Mexico’s Diario Oficial (Mexico’s Federal Register).

The preliminary determination notice from UPCI provides a summary of the submissions of all participants in the legal process, including exporters, importers, petitioners and USAPEEC.   UPCI identified individual margins for only three companies, which were selected out of all those companies that participated in calculating individual margins, according to UPCI.  All other companies receive the “all others” rate. UPCI said that dumping duties will not be imposed until it renders a final determination, as most involved parties are continuing to pursue a favorable settlement agreement. The determination notes that the investigation will continue on a parallel track to the ongoing settlement process.

USAPEEC’s Mexican attorney said the filing of the preliminary determination should have no impact on U.S. poultry exports to Mexico.  The announced import duties on the three selected companies are as follows–Tyson Foods, 129.77 percent; Simmons Foods, 62.90 percent; and Sanderson Farms, 83.84 percent.  The “all others” margin is set at 129.77 percent.

UPCI noted that all interested parties may provide supplementary information and evidence to reinforce their arguments over the next 30 working days.  Discussions to reach a mutually-agreeable settlement will continue, USAPEEC reported.  Ongoing discussions with both the Mexican and U.S. government are also expected to continue.