The board of directors of Marfrig Alimentos S.A. approved this week a new organizational structure aimed at improving efficiencies and streamlining operations. The new structure will group the company’s poultry, pork, and processed products businesses into a new operating unit called Seara Foods.  Seara Foods will include Seara Brazil, Moy Park, and Keystone Foods,  Marfrig said.  The three companies will operate as three separate entities with their own brands.

Marfrig said it expects to save $134 million to $193 million over the next two to three years with synergy gains from the management restructuring.  Marfrig purchased Keystone, based in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania,  in 2010.

“We expect this change to be transparent to our employees, and expect no changes at the headquarters or our plant operations levels,” Jay Pomeroy, a Keystone spokeman, said.  “We don’t expect any layoffs or change in the top management of Keystone Foods as a result of this reorganization.