Commissioners from Nash County, North Carolina this week approved a resolution of support for a proposed Sanderson Farms processing plant to be built in the county. The board voted in favor of the resolution, which states that Nash County is “ready and willing to finalize negotiations regarding potential inducements and incentives,” should Sanderson Farms decide to come to the county.  A 150-acre piece of property owned by the county is being considered for the proposed chicken plant.  County leaders who support the proposed plant have said it would create much needed jobs and boost the local economy.

 The resolution serves as a show of support, but it does not commit the board to anything formally, said Nash County Manager Bob Murphy.  If Sanderson Farms decides to come to the county, the board will draft an inducement agreement that will be subject to a public hearing, Murphy said.

The resolution states that, if Sanderson Farms comes to Nash Country, the county is willing to negotiate incentives similar to what the company received from Lenoir County when it built a plant in Kinston.