The 2012 North American Strategy Conference on Animal Agriculture, sponsored by the Center for Food Integrity, will be held May 7 and 8 at the Hamburger University on the McDonald’s Campus in Oak Brook, Illinois. Those speaking at the conference  includes top veterinarians, animal scientists, and ethicists on issues related to animal agriculture and public perceptions. Discussions will address why it is important to foster continuous improvement in animal production and care, and why shortfalls in these areas jeopardize animal agriculture’s future.

Topics on the agenda include:

  • Sourcing meat, eggs and dairy:  balancing the needs of stakeholders in sourcing decisions.
  • Why science is not enough: an introduction to customer concerns about food animal agriculture.
  • What our customers are believing and saying.
  • Understanding Consumer Value Orientations; Engaging consumers.
  • The Coalition for Sustainable Animal Agriculture: a new approach to evaluating, and promoting continuous improvement.  What stakeholders can do to make a positive difference in the year ahead?

Information about the conference is on Center for Food Integrity website here.  The National Chicken Council serves on the Center for Food Integrity’s Animal Agriculture Committee.