This week House Agriculture Committee Chairman, Frank Lucas – (R-OK) announced another series of hearings on the 2012 Farm Bill to begin next week in Washington, D.C.  The six Subcommittees will hold the hearings throughout April and May to hear from national agricultural stakeholders advocating for policy priorities.  Last June, Chairman Lucas began the Farm Bill process when the Agriculture Committee held 11 field hearings on agriculture programs to look for ways to improve programs for farmers, increase efficiency, and reduce spending.

The hearings slated for Washington will round out the information gathering in advance of writing legislation.  The Chairman said, “It’s important to consider a variety of perspectives when writing comprehensive legislation. We have reviewed spending trends and have heard from our producers on the ground.  Now it’s time for national agricultural leaders and stakeholders to present their views on farm policy.”  The hearing in the Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Subcommittee will focus on dairy programs.