Pollo Real, a pasture-grazed, federally-inspected poultry company in Socorro, New Mexico, received a production grant this week from the USDA Rural Development Program, according to New Mexico Business Weekly. USDA Rural Development State Director Terry Brunner said the department’s  funds were made available through the Value Added Producer Grant Program.  Pollo Real plans to use the $49,500 grant to expand its flock of organically grown chicken to increase its market base. The company also plans to add more markets and ultimately, more jobs, because of the expected business growth–from farm production workers to sales persons, according to the USDA announcement.

USDA’s Value Added Producer Grant Program “provides financial support for planning activities and for working capital for marketing value-added agricultural products and for farm-based renewable energy. Eligible applicants are independent producers, farmer and rancher cooperatives, agricultural producer groups, and majority-controlled producer-based business ventures,” according to the USDA statement.

Pollo Real has raised pasture-grazed poultry for the past sixteen years, according to the company website.  Pollo Real French Label Rouge boneless-skinless chicken breast has a sales list price of $12.00 per pound and leg quarters are listed at $6.00 per pound, according to the website.