U.S.-based soup maker Campbell Soup Company has announced plans to roll out at a number of new soup products in its next fiscal year as well as sprucing up its Chunky and Select Harvets lines with new labels, flavors, and marketing. The company has been seeking to grow its soup business in the United States. While it launched just three new soup products in 2011, it introduced 27 products in its current fiscal year, and plans to add 30 products in its next fiscal year.

The company will be adding new products to its heartier Chunky and its all-natural Select Harvest lines.  Some of the new soup flavors under the the Chunky line will be Chipotle Chicken & Corn Chowder and Jammin’ Jerk Chicken, which will be targeted to young men.  Select Harvest lines will be introducing two new bisques.  Both the brands will feature new labels, with the Select Harvest line drawing more focusing on its “100 percent natural” distinction.

Campbell is also coming out with “Skillet Sauces” that are added to cooked chicken, beef, or other proteins to make a quick dinner.