Several McDonald’s restaurants in Atlanta are testing spicy, deep-fried, bone-in chicken wings called “Mighty Wings,” which the chain served across the United States in the 1990s and has recently offered in Australia and Spain, according to The Los Angeles Times.

However, “There are no plans to roll these out nationally,” Danya Proud, spokeswoman for McDonald’s, said. “This local market test reflects our desire to meet customer needs on a local level,” she said.  Meanwhile, a current culinary trend toward snacking and street food as well as value dining is making chicken wings a “hot commodity,”  The Los Angeles Times noted.

Chefs in Los Angeles are serving up gourmet versions of the bar staple while specialty chains such as Wingstop and Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar are “booming.” Yelp now has a chicken wings category for users while Korean chicken wing chains, such as Qchon and KyoChon, have expanded across the south.  The Los Angeles Times reporter credited the National Chicken Council’s website with providing information about chicken wings.