Like the new football season, the EatChicken Month on-pack coupon promotion kicks off on September 1 with four million $1-off coupons featured on a variety of fresh chicken packages at supermarket chains nationwide.  The campaign will continue for three weeks through September 22.  Brand partners are Heinz 57® Sauce and Franks® Red Hot® Sauce.

The National Chicken Council expresses its appreciation to the member companies that are participating in the program.  These firms are Sanderson Farms, Amick, Gold’n Plump, Fieldale Farms, and Mountaire.  As it has in recent years, Yerecic Label developed this September’s program and is supporting processors with the on-pack process.  Creating easy meal solutions that save time and energy is the primary theme of the campaign, as consumer market research has documented that in-home food preparers rate these types of recipes very highly.  Yerecic Label also notes that fresh poultry and meat packages carrying money-off coupons can experience  sales volume lifts of 7 to 17 percent.

An important part of the National Chicken Council’s ongoing consumer social media program is devoted to the current campaign.  To see more information about the program and the interesting array of delicious recipes showcasing the partner brands, visit