That’s the question posed by Adweek, a popular source of news for marketing, media and advertising professionals, in it’s cover story this week.  “Could the hamburger, the long-reigning, all-American favorite, finally be toast?” writes Joan Voight.

AdWeek“Beef burgers made their name as a workingman’s meal during the Great Depression–before evolving into the symbol of American corporatism and cultural hegemony that they have become. The Economist, singing the praises of the burger, once called it “a symbol of the reassuring predictability, the pre-packaged straightforwardness, the sheer lack of pretension of American life.”

“But move over, burger–chicken is having a moment.

“For the first time in a century, Americans are gobbling up more of the humble bird–much of it in the form of fried chicken drumsticks, crispy chicken sandwiches and chicken nuggets–than double cheeseburgers, sliders and T-bones. Chicken consumption, after growing steadily over the last five years, last year finally paced ahead of beef, according to USDA.”

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