New York Times editorial columnist Nicholas Kristof on February 6, 2021 wrote an opinion piece titled, “The Ugly Secrets Behind the Costco Chicken,” that portrayed several inaccuracies about broiler welfare and broiler production. In response to the column, NCC President Mike Brown submitted the following letter to the editor of the New York Times.

“Contrary to Nicholas Kristof’s assertions (The Ugly Secrets Behind the Costco Chicken, Feb. 6), farmers and chicken companies take pride in the care of our birds. But we know it’s on us as an industry to do a better job of providing more information about how our food gets from farm to table. Which is why the National Chicken Council launched Chicken Check In, inviting consumers to take a transparent look at the work the industry is doing to provide safe, healthy and sustainable food.

“The conditions described in the article are not an accurate representation of the health and welfare of today’s broiler chickens. The claim that the efficiencies gained have had negative impacts on the welfare of chickens is not supported by the data, and the fact is that our national flock is as healthy as it has ever been.

“What Mr. Kristof also fails to mention is that the “Better Chicken Commitment” is led by a coalition of animal rights activist groups with a mission to make meat and poultry more expensive, limit consumer choice and transition them to a vegan diet.”