Each year, registered dietitians (RDs) gather for the Food and Nutrition Conference and Exhibition, better known as FNCE. This year, the National Chicken Council (NCC) and Chicken Check In co-sponsored the exclusive #FNCEFriday social event to help kick off the virtual conference. Attendees included 80 influential RDs who shopped for key ingredients and built their own charcuterie boards in this fun, online networking event.

With event co-host, Robin Plotkin, RD, aka “The Board Mama”, guests were guided through the process of building a beautiful, nutritious and delicious charcuterie/“Chick-cuterie” board. Discussion covered why chicken has so much to offer, including:

  1. Chicken is a low-fat, nutrient-rich protein with a great price value.
  2. Chicken offers versatility in pairing with all sorts of veggies and grains, along with ones often used for charcuterie boards.
  3. Chicken production is more sustainable than ever before, as more people are fed and each bird is raised with less environmental impact and resources.

After the charcuterie board demo, attendees had the chance to share their culinary masterpieces and talk about how they used chicken in different ways. Here’s an example of a board:

Make Your Own Chick-cuterie Board

Dietitian or not, everyone can enjoy chicken-inspired charcuterie board-making with the following “Chick-cuterie” Boards with Nutrition Benefits for Entertaining fact sheet. You’ll find 2 chicken recipes crafted by RDs along with nutrition facts and ideas for using the protein in all types of social gatherings.

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