Tyson Foods announced this week it plans to distribute approximately $50 million in year-end bonuses to frontline and hourly workers.

“This is yet another way for us to say thank you and show how grateful we are for our frontline teams’ efforts to keep each other safe, our company strong, and our world fed over the past year,” Tyson Foods president and CEO Donnie King said. “While 2021 presented many challenges, our entire Tyson team continued to meet them, head on.”

The one-time bonuses will be based on tenure, ranging from $300 to $700, and will be distributed starting this month.

This announcement is in addition to the more than $500 million in wage increases and thank you bonuses Tyson has distributed to its frontline workers over the past year.

Additionally, the company announced that it is planning to implement an innovative pay structure at its chicken processing facility in New Holland, Pennsylvania beginning next month.

According to Lancaster Online, Tyson will transition its workers to a three-day workweek of 27 hours but will pay workers for the nine hours they technically do not work. This gets them to 36 hours, which qualifies workers for medical, vision, and dental benefits with 36 work hours per week.

Shifts will run Monday through Wednesday and Thursday through Saturday. Each day worked will include nine hours of work, one hour of paid break, and two extra hours of pay.

The plant’s minimum hourly rate will be moved to $17 with sign-on bonuses for new hires of $3,000 to $5,000, depending on the position. Tyson has said it is looking to increase staffing by roughly 80 percent, up over 500 from the 334 staff it currently has.

Tyson has also implemented a three-day schedule at its North Little Rock, Arkansas chicken processing facility, with workers having the option of working three 10-hour shifts, and are considered full time with health insurance and other benefits.