Aviagen and Cobb-Vantress this week provided updates on each company’s progress and next steps toward sustainability goals.

Aviagen on Monday announced an improvement in its feed conversion ratio (FCR), or the rate at which feed is converted to body weight. FCR is a key indicator of biological efficiency and has a direct impact on the industry’s carbon footprint. The company said it is achieving an FCR improvement of 1.5-2.0 points per year, which contributes to a one percent year-on-year carbon footprint reduction.

As a result of FCR improvements, Aviagen says, “the modern broiler generates 50% less carbon footprint than the bird in 1970, and fast forwarding to 2030, the bird of the future will create a 15% lower carbon footprint than the bird of today.”

“As a poultry breeder,” Aviagen’s Director of Global Genetics Dr. Santiago Avendaño said, “we are at the beginning of the food production chain, and we take our responsibility of contributing to the sustainability of the entire industry seriously. We have worked for years to breed efficiencies that make poultry production more sustainable, while at the same time advancing bird health, welfare, and performance. Because we care about the planet, our customers, and the communities they serve, we are committed to continually breeding for sustainability for decades to come.”

Meanwhile, Cobb-Vantress this week unveiled CobbCares.com, a tool that highlights the company’s focus and commitments to sustainability.

“We have an uncompromising commitment to our values, team members, customers, the communities where we live and work, and the poultry we raise and produce for the global poultry industry,” Cobb’s newly announced President Joyce J. Lee said. “CobbCares.com articulates our commitment to feeding the world and our goal of making a positive difference.”

The new site includes five sustainable development pillars for the company, including workplace, environment, poultry care and welfare, community, and genetic progress.

“We’re humbled to be an integral part of the worldwide poultry industry and a key driver in advancing a more sustainable future for all,” Cobb’s Director of Animal Welfare Dr. Kate Barger-Weathers said. “As we tell our story about our focus on genetic progress, poultry care and welfare, the community, the environment, and the workplace, we hope to demonstrate how Cobb is committed to a family culture, conducting our business with integrity, being innovative in our solutions and products, and giving our best every day.”