The Senate late Thursday night passed a $1.48 trillion federal appropriations bill funding the government through FY2022, sending the bill to President Biden for his signature.

The Senate’s vote of 68-31 follows a series of House votes on Wednesday.

The House packaged three appropriations bills – Defense, Commerce-Justice-Science, and Homeland Security – with a supplemental appropriations bill for support for Ukraine, while the remaining nine bills were packaged together for a separate vote. The defense minibus was approved on a 361-69 vote and the domestic package was approved in a 260-171 vote.

The two measures were then packaged together into a 2,741 page “omnibus” bill and sent to the Senate. The House also passed a Continuing Resolution to extend government funding for four more days in the event there were procedural delays in the Senate that risked a shutdown of the government for a short period.

The Senate ultimately held four amendment votes on Republican priorities prior to getting their unanimous consent to fast track a vote on the omnibus before government funding runs out on March 11. None of the amendments passed.

The bill includes $13.6 billion in aid for Ukraine, total defense spending of $782 billion – an increase of $42 billion on last year’s bill. Nondefense spending is $730 billion, a $46 billion increase over fiscal 2021.

The Agriculture Appropriations bill includes discretionary funding of $25.125 billion, an increase of $1.426 billion or six percent, above FY2021. The bill includes $234.2 billion in discretionary and mandatory programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

It includes $228 million, $39 million above FY2021 enacted levels, for USDA’s marketing programs. This includes $25.6 million for oversight and enforcement of the Packers and Stockyards Act. It also includes $1.109 billion for the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), an increase of nearly $50 million above FY2021.

The omnibus bill now heads to President Biden for his signature. He is expected to sign the bill today.

The House bill text can be found here. The Senate omnibus bill can be found here. The House and Senate texts are identical to one another.

Summaries for each individual department’s appropriations bill can be found here. A single, full summary of the House bill can be found here. The Agriculture Appropriations bill summary can be found here.