U.S. poultry meat and products exported to Mexico in 2021 totaled $1.3 billion and were an important component of the record high $27 billion for combined agricultural and related exports, according to the USDA/FAS GAIN report from Mexico City this week. Last year’s recovery from the 2020 pandemic lock-downs and high global commodity prices helped values and quantity increase, the agricultural attaché explained. Overall U.S. agricultural exports to Mexico increased 42 percent year-over-year.

The U.S. in 2021 supplied almost 95 percent of Mexico’s poultry meat and products imports, setting records for both quantity and value. Chicken parts were $529 million, turkey $32 million, geese $49,000, and guinea fowl meat (no value given). Eggs and products were $215 million, a record level. Exports include both table eggs and hatching eggs. Poultry and eggs are also included in retail-ready and processed products, but no breakout was provided for these products. Mexico’s food processing sector “continues to see exponential growth due to product affordability and high consumer demand for Mexican comfort foods,” the report noted.

In 2021, bilateral trade totaled $66 billion, a record high. The gain in U.S. agricultural exports helped narrow the trade deficit by 15 percent or $13 billion.

The GAIN report can be viewed here.