Mountaire Farms this week partnered with more than 50 churches and non-profits on Delmarva to provide complete meals for families in need this Easter holiday season, according to a story from WBOC-TV.

The company’s annual Easter for Thousands event was held on Wednesday, April 13, with more than 100 volunteers helping to pack 3,000 meal boxes – enough food to feed 12,000 people. Companywide, Mountaire employees and volunteers packed about 10,000 boxes this year at Easter, enough to feed 40,000 people.

Each box was stuffed with a Mountaire roaster chicken, canned corn and peas, mashed potatoes, gravy, and brownies for dessert.

“This is our signature event, and we’re thrilled to be able to keep expanding to more people and more communities every year,” Mountaire Farms President Phillip Plylar said. “Our employees look forward to being able to give back, and work right alongside veterans, students and so many other great leaders in our community that come out to volunteer every year.”

The Easter event was part of the company’s Thanksgiving for Thousands program that also fed people at Christmas and Easter.