McDonald’s recently announced that Tyson Foods won the company’s Global Supplier of the Year award.

“Our ability to navigate global supply chain issues to assure supply, add production when needed, and invest in new facilities around the globe to support growth were key factors in this recognition,” Tyson Foods Global McDonald’s Business Unit President Sandy Luckcuck said. “This award comes at an especially meaningful time, as we at Tyson Foods celebrate 40 years of partnership with McDonald’s. Back in 1982, McDonald’s, in partnership with Keystone, Chicken McNuggets were developed, which revolutionized the way Americans ate chicken and Tyson was asked to commercialize. And just as we did then, our team members continue to provide solutions to help enable global growth for both McDonald’s and Tyson Foods – two of the world’s most recognized brands in food.”

“Our Supplier of the Year has proven their commitment to our values time and again, showing up for our brand and our customers in ways that truly matter,” McDonald’s said in last week’s Worldwide Conference, where the award was presented to Tyson Foods in front of the 12,000 conference attendees. “Their actions rose to the occasion, always keeping our customers and communities top of mind.”