NCC is a proud sponsor of the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s College Aggies Online scholarship competition. Collegiate students, clubs and classes passionate about sharing positive, factual information about animal agriculture can sign up now to participate in a nine week training on how to become effective and confident communicators for agriculture with guidance from industry and farmer mentors.

Everyone is involved in agriculture in one way or another – whether that is growing up on a farm or even just eating the food bought at the grocery store. To bridge the communication gap between farm and fork, college students from across the country come together each fall for a scholarship program that encourages them to do just that. More than $20,000 was awarded in scholarship money last fall as part of the College Aggies Online program.

College Aggies Online (CAO) is a scholarship competition hosted and run by the Animal Agriculture Alliance. The goal of the program is to engage with college students to provide them with the tools to become effective advocates for animal agriculture. Sharing the story of animal agriculture is a different journey for each person. By sharing personal stories or learning about other areas of animal ag you might not be familiar with, we can engage with the general public to show where our food comes from and how it’s raised.

To learn more or to sign-up, please visit: Everything You Need to Know About College Aggies Online (