Tyson Foods this week announced it is donating four million meals and deploying other disaster relief efforts in response to Hurricane Ian.

Tyson is partnering with Walmart to distribute over one million pounds of protein for those in need in Fort Myers, Florida and surrounding areas. Tyson is partnering with Publix, Feeding America, and three local food banks, to provide protein products for storm victims.

The company is also planning to relocate its Meals That Matter disaster relief trailer to Fort Myers and will have volunteers on site to distribute food, water and ice.

“The impact of Hurricane Ian is absolutely devastating and we’re deploying resources where we can make the most impact,” Tyson Foods Senior Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Tim Grailer said. “This response wouldn’t be possible without the support of our disaster relief partners and customers, who are all volunteering time and resources to make sure our response is as successful as possible. Our hearts go out to those who suffered tremendous losses in the wake of Hurricane Ian.”

Tyson Foods’ press release can be found here.