Newsweek recently named Perdue Farms, Sanderson Farms, Foster Farms, and Tyson Foods to its 2023 list of America’s Most Trusted Companies.

“In any good relationship, the one essential ingredient is trust. It’s hard to build, easy to lose and sometimes you think you have more of it than you really do,” Newsweek said of the rankings. “Because trust plays a big part in customers’ decisions about what to buy, employees’ decisions about where to work and investors decisions about whether to invest, Newsweek, in collaboration with market research partner Statista, is proud to introduce our second annual listing of the Most Trustworthy Companies in America. This year we’ve listed 700 U.S. companies in 23 industries according to their evaluations by U.S. customers, employees and investors.

The list, which can be found here, was selected from a pool of 3,100 U.S.-based companies (roughly 1,800 publicly held and 1,200 privately held) with revenue over $500 million. The rankings were based on results of a survey of roughly 25,000 people in the U.S. who were asked how much they agreed with statements like “I trust in this company to treat me fairly as its customer,” “I believe this company offers good opportunities for career development,” and “I believe this company would be a good long-term investment.”

Cargill, which jointly owns Sanderson Farms that is now known as Wayne-Sanderson Farms, was also named to the list of Most Trusted Companies.