With consumer concerns about sustainability at all-time high, retailers and foodservice are prepping for the dawn of the climavore. Will this new brand of consumers choose chicken? “A climavore is someone who makes a specific food choice based on the climate impact of that food choice,” said Corey Chafin, partner, Consumer and Retail, Kearney. At the 2023 Chicken Marketing Summit, Chafin, alongside Erika Stewart, consultant, consumer and retail, Kearney, will discuss the climavore consumer and share tips to help the chicken industry communicate about Net Zero and other sustainability goals.

For example, a climavore is someone who chooses chicken over beef, not necessarily because of taste, but because chicken is generally perceived as having a lower environmental impact.

“It’s someone who’s fundamentally making a food choice – not necessarily all food choices – but a single food choice based on the climate impact of that food choice,” Chafin added.

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Connecting with climavores

One of the most important things that chicken companies can do to connect with climavores is to focus on building trust.

“I think there’s a lot of opportunity there,” Stewart explained. “It dovetails with this need for education of how we’re actually going about solving things. I think we’re just in a broader environment with increased demand for traceability in general.”

Consumers are looking to chicken producers to push toward sustainable outcomes. They also expect producers to take the lead when it comes to education. Furthermore, they’re looking for education in the form of positive reinforcement. They want to feel good about the food choices they make.

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