The meat alternative sector is letting down consumers by exclusively targeting ways to replicate the taste, texture, and mouthfeel of consumers and other proteins. At the 2023 Chicken Marketing Summit, JP Frossard, VP, consumer foods analyst, Rabobank, will focus on the current state of the alternative protein market and share projections about the challenges and opportunities in this segment.

“Plant-based should be about plants and not necessarily about meat,” Frossard said. “Unfortunately, the plant-based products we have nowadays are not looking to fill the gaps of plants in our diets, they are trying to replace meat.”

Plants and meat both play vital roles in the diets of humans, but the modern plant-based segment of the market seems to have forgotten that.

“We suggest that plant-based talk more about plants. Plants are awesome,” he added.

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Where plant-based meat is failing

Plant-based proteins went mainstream in 2019 – with most of the initial success coming from alternatives that sought to replicate the taste and texture of beef or pork, rather than poultry. Advocates touted plant-based proteins as healthier, better for the environment and better for animal welfare compared to traditional proteins.

However, today’s plant-based meats are not made from plants, but rather from protein concentrates. This results in a product that lacks some of the vital nutrients plants provide, Frossard explained.

“The products we have on shelves nowadays don’t answer the questions on healthiness,” he said. “When you look at the ingredient list, you see a list of ingredients you cannot relate to.”

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