USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) purchased diced chicken as indicated below for distribution to child nutrition and other related domestic food assistance programs for Fiscal Year 2023.

The performance period is from July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024 with four one-year option periods.

The unit prices awarded range from $2.2682 to $2.8014 per pound with an economic price adjustment, which AMS shall calculate and apply upon issuance of each individual delivery order placed under this contract, using the most current cost factors available to increase or decrease the unit price.

The following table shows the Guaranteed minimum and the not-to-exceed (NTE) maximum amounts for the Base Period and all Option Periods under the contract, should they be exercised:


Period G Min. NTE Max
Base Period $684,508 $30,364,700
Option Period 1 $691,088 $32,733,676
Option Period 2 $697,100 $37,452, 768
Option Period 3 $703,240 $41,562,684
Option Period 4 $709,516 $45,721,844
Total for Contract $3,485,452 $187,835,672


The full award can be found here.