The U.S. chicken industry works hard to make sure each serving of chicken is as safe as possible for consumers. This diligence enables consumers to trust in excellent food safety standards.  Leading House of Raeford Farms’ efforts to comply with these benchmarks and protect consumers is Dawn Lynch, Corporate Quality Assurance Manager, the company noted yesterday in a release during Food Safety Week.

Working closely with experienced Quality Assurance (QA) managers at the company’s five ready-to-cook slaughter locations, Dawn oversees food safety management controls.  These include food safety training, sanitation protocols, hazard controls, and interventions designed to eliminate or reduce foodborne pathogens.  In addition, the quality assurance division provides a streamlined approach to customer communication and interaction with food safety regulatory agencies.

“I am excited for the opportunity in this new role for House of Raeford, and I look forward to collaborating with each management team to identify best practices for continuing food safety improvement,” Lynch shared.  “My goal is to be a central resource and support for the QA managers and our customers, while utilizing new technology and data collection for alignment in quality management across the company.”

As a 21-year veteran of House of Raeford, Dawn spent four years in our Greenville, South Carolina location and 17 years in our North Carolina facilities.  She continues to serve as QA manager for the Wallace, North Carolina plant.  Prior to joining House of Raeford, Dawn served six years with Wayne Farms in accounting and as a QA supervisor.

“Dawn is a great example of one who follows House of Raeford’s mission ‘to do the right thing in all things that we do’, “said Cowan Johnson, Wallace Plant Manager and a member of the company’s Board of Directors.  “She is invested in making sure all products are as safe as possible and meet stringent Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) standards.”