The Senate this week had planned to pass three FY2024 appropriations bills, but hit procedural delays and has pushed consideration of the combined spending package to next week.

Included in the package set for a vote next week is the FY2024 Agriculture-FDA appropriations bill along with the Military Construction/Veterans Affairs and Transportation/Housing and Urban Development bills.

While the Senate has passed all 12 of its bills through committee, it has not yet passed one on the floor.

Meanwhile, the House has passed 10 of its 12 through the House Appropriations Committee and one bill through the House floor – known as the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs appropriations bill. Amidst progress in the Senate appropriations progress, House leadership has not announced a plan for floor votes on any of its appropriations bills.

Leadership in both chambers have indicated the likely need for a short-term extension to current government funding, which expires on September 30, to continue negotiations and work toward passage of all appropriations bills.