Snapshots of chickens running around the great outdoors may seem picture-perfect, but in reality:

  1. The great outdoors can be blazing hot or bitterly cold
  2. There are LOTS of predators who would love to prey on chickens
  3. Chickens are more susceptible to diseases outside

What’s more, broiler chickens (chickens raised for meat) NEVER live in cages. That’s right, most chickens raised for meat in the U.S. live in large, open structures called “growout houses.” This setup empowers them to move freely, flock together with other birds, and have 24/7 access to food and water.

No one knows these facts better than Dr. Leah Dorman, a veterinarian for 20+ years and member of the American Veterinary Medical Association. That’s why Dr. Dorman created the following TikTok on the realities of indoor chicken housing—aka growout houses—versus living outdoors.

We humans live indoors for good reason—and so do chickens! A 🏠 = shelter, climate control, protection and more. Tune in to hear veterinarian Dr. Dorman tell all.

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