Case Farms achieved a new safety milestone on December 8th after their Winesburg Complex, reached three-million-man hours without experiencing an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable lost-time accident (LTA).

“This is no simple task and the first time the Winesburg Complex has achieved this milestone, it involves every team member across the complex working together to promote a safe workplace. This milestone continues the trend our company set with our commitment to safety.” said Jeff Shanabarger, regional safety manager of Ohio Divisions.

This is the second time the Winesburg facility has reached a significant safety milestone this year. The Winesburg Complex reached one-million-man hours without a lost time incident last September and achieved the two-million-man hours without a lost time incident in May of this year, the complex has worked 662 days without an OSHA lost time incident.

An OHSA recordable lost-time accident occurs when an employee receives an injury where a doctor has determined that the person cannot come to work until fully recovered. Typically, it takes about five to six months for a facility to reach one-million-man hour without a lost-time accident.

In addition to efforts made by employees, Case Farms implements a company-wide worker safety program comprised of core elements that are essential to achieving and maintaining a strong safety and health program.