Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) is leading or tied with his top two potential Democratic challengers in the Maryland Senate race, according to a recent poll.

The Emerson College Polling/The Hill/DC News Now survey found Hogan leading Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks (D) in a hypothetical match-up at 44% to 37% among registered Maryland voters, with 19 percent undecided.

Hogan leads the Republican senate primary with a plurality of voters’ support (43%) ahead of the May 14 election. No other candidate reaches double digits, and 43% are undecided. In the Democratic primary, 32% of voters support Rep. David Trone, while 17% support County Executive Angela Alsobrooks. A plurality of Democratic Primary voters (37%) are undecided.

“In addition to the majority of Republican voters’ support in the general election, Hogan also holds broad appeal in a matchup against Trone among independents, at 48%, and also garners nearly a quarter of Democratic voters’ support,” Spencer Kimball, Executive Director of Emerson College Polling, said. “In a matchup between Hogan and Alsobrooks, independents support Hogan 43% to 18%, and 31% of Democrats support Hogan.”

A plurality of Maryland voters (46%) think things in the state are headed in the right direction, while 38% think things are on the wrong track.

In a potential presidential election between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, Biden leads 55% to 32%, while 13% are undecided. With third-party candidates added to the ballot test, Biden leads 47% to 31%, while 6% support Robert Kennedy Jr., and 1% support Cornel West and Jill Stein respectively. Fourteen percent are undecided.

“While Trump’s vote looks like his 2020 share of voters at 32%, Biden underperforms by about ten points. Eleven percent of 2020 Biden voters are undecided, compared to 3% of Trump voters,” Kimball noted.

Voters were asked if President Biden’s age raises serious doubts in their mind about voting for him, or if it is not a serious consideration for them. Fifty-four percent of Maryland voters say Biden’s age raises doubts, while 46% say it is not a consideration. Voters were asked if former President Trump’s criminal indictments raise serious doubts about voting for Trump, or if it is not serious consideration. Two-thirds of voters (66%) say it raises doubts, while it is not a consideration for 34%.

The economy (23%) and crime (21%) are considered the most important issues for Maryland voters, followed by housing affordability (11%), education (10%), immigration (10%), healthcare (10%), and threats to democracy (8%).

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