Representative Ken Buck (CO-4) this week announced he plans to retire from Congress on March 22.

While Buck had previously announced he would retire from Congress at the end of the current term, it was news that he has moved that date up to next week.

The decision will leave Republicans in the House with just 218 seats to Democrats’ 213, meaning that House Republicans have just a two-seat majority for at least the remainder of the Congress, assuming united Democratic opposition on a vote as well as full attendance.

“This place has just devolved into this bickering and nonsense,” Buck said to CNN after his announcement. “It’s the worst year in 40, 50 years to be in Congress.”

Colorado election law requires that the governor set a special election 85 to 100 days after the vacancy occurs. The state party nominates candidates. The Colorado primary election for the full 2025-2026 term is currently scheduled for June 25 and Governor Jared Polis scheduled the special election to fill the seat for the remainder of the term for the same day.

Buck is a member of the House Freedom Caucus.