Each week, NCC will feature in a short spotlight column the official representative from each of our Allied Leader and Allied Member companies. This week’s Allied Leader Member Spotlight is Gary Baxter, NCC Representative and Vice President of USA Livestock and North American Poultry at Ceva.

We asked Gary three questions:

In 2-3 sentences, describe what good or service your company provides to the broiler industry.

At Ceva, we are a dedicated animal health company, specializing in vaccines and vaccination equipment and services for the US and worldwide poultry industry. Some diseases we help protect broilers against include Newcastle, Bronchitis, ILT, and Gumboro. Ceva is also the leader in autogenous vaccines, helping protect broiler parent stock against common diseases like viral arthritis and hepatitis, and emerging diseases like avian metapneumovirus.

Can you briefly describe your position and responsibilities within the company?

As the Vice President of USA Livestock and North American Poultry at Ceva, I have the privilege of leading an exceptionally skilled team of poultry professionals. Our team, comprising of veterinarians, salespeople, technical marketers, virologists, and hatchery specialists, is dedicated to monitoring, diagnosing, vaccinating, and maintaining bird health—from breeders to hatcheries to broiler farms.

What is your favorite chicken dish?

I enjoy a Chick-fil-A number-one on a multigrain bun 2-3 days a week. For special occasions, like Saturdays, I love naked chicken wings with various sauces on the side.