Tyson Deli, a division of Tyson Foods, Inc., said wings and tenders are gaining presence in restaurant menus and are receiving heightened visibility at retail because they have proved to increase top line sales, based on studies the company conducted.

While fall football and tailgating have typically kicked off wing season, retailers who use visible merchandisers have found success selling wings year round.  Tyson also said that it believes that wings can also help drive top line sales and bring value to convenience stores offering more quality products that consumers can grab and go.

Tyson reported that wing and tender merchandising led retailers to witness sales increase of more than 40 percent, with nearly 60 percent of wing sales resulting from impulse purchasing.  To further increase sales, retailers can create awareness by displaying wings in a highly-visible mobile merchandiser during peak store hours.  Tyson reported key strategies to ensure successful wing bar sales include offering great-tasting wings; implementing in-store merchandising; bundling wings with beverages; and hiring dedicated staff who are trained and motivated to manage the wing bar.