Perdue Agribusiness, in partnership with Fibrowatt LLC, has submitted a proposal to the state of Maryland in response to the state’s Clean Bay Power Request for Proposal. The Perdue Agribusiness and Fibrowatt proposal calls for a combined heat and power biomass boiler operation to be located at the Perdue Agribusiness complex near Salisbury, Maryland.

The proposed facility will provide 10 megawatts of electricity to the state as well as up to 70,000 pounds per hour of steam to the Perdue complex.  The renewable fuel source will be a combination of poultry litter, layer hen manure, wood chips, and other locally sourced biomass.

“Environmentally, this project will remove a significant amount of poultry litter from land application, thereby eliminating the risk of any portion of the nitrogen or phosphorous in this litter or manure from finding its way into the Chesapeake Bay watershed, said Perdue Agribusiness President Dick Willey.

By converting power and steam production from a fossil fuel to a renewable fuel, the company said the project will reduce green house gas emissions by an estimated 165,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.  Ash produced from the process will be used as a fertilizer by-product.