The city of Fairfield, Ohio has approved Koch Foods to move forward with constructing a new water tower to support the operations of its chicken processing facility.

Announced as an addition to an already ongoing expansion of the facility, the water tower is expected to have a 1.25 million gallon capacity and would become the sixth tower for the city of Fairfield. City officials say the water tower will not only help the needs of Koch Foods, but will aid in other industrial growth in the city of Fairfield.

The Fairfield City Council approved the plan last week and engineering, permitting, and other necessary approvals are expected to be completed during the summer, city officials said. That would clear the way for construction on the tower, which could be completed in 2023.

The $220 million expansion of the plant’s capacity, which is expected to be completed around the end of this year, is expected to add over 400,000 square feet to the complex. The expansion is expected to create as many as 600 new jobs in a plant that currently counts over 1,100 employees.