The United States and Brazil are the top two chicken product suppliers to China, according to the latest Poultry GAIN FAS/USDA report from Beijing. The United States exports chicken wings, legs, and paws.  U.S. chicken paw exports account for the majority of U.S. poultry export volume and value.

U.S. chicken paw are not included in the PSD table.

China’s chicken paw imports grew rapidly last year (see Figure 3) and the strong demand is expected to continue in 2022. The United States dominates China’s chicken paw import market with its unique “jumbo” paw. China’s imports from the United States dramatically increased in 2020, after the United States regained poultry market access in late 2019. In 2021, imports of chicken paw from the United States grew by 44 percent year-on-year to 285,000 MT. Imports of chicken paw from the United States now account for over 40 percent of all chicken paw imports.

The full report can be found here.