The Biden administration this week released the National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan, a follow up to the release of the National Cybersecurity Strategy.

The plan, mostly focused on implementing the administration’s National Cybersecurity Strategy with respect to the functions of the U.S. government, not private industries, outlines the plans of 18 separate agencies and 65 specific federal initiatives to bolster cybersecurity capacities.

Each initiative outlined in the plan is assigned to an agency of jurisdiction and has a timeline for completion.

The plan will be executed by the Office of the National Cyber Director (ONCD), which will be responsible for an annual report to the President and Congress on the status of implementation. The ONCD must also partner with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to ensure any requisite funding proposals in the President’s Budget Request are aligned with the plan’s objectives.

The White House has still not named a head of the Office of the National Cyber Director after the departure of Chris Inglis in February 2023. The office was first created in 2021 and Inglis was the first, and as of now, only, National Cyber Director.

Further information regarding the plan can be found in the White House’s press release.