USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) this week purchased 4,112,000 pounds of chicken and chicken products at an approximate cost of $3,081,819.20 for school lunch and other domestic food nutrition assistance programs. A total of 240,000 pounds of chicken leg quarters were not purchased because no bids were received. A total of 144,000 pounds of large bulk chicken were not purchased because of price considerations. The complete purchase report can be found on AMS’s Web site. Details of the July purchase follow:

Product Pounds Award Prices Total Dollars
Chilled bulk pack (large) 2,952,000 $0.7148 – $0.7399 $2,146,543.20
Cut-up 1,160,000 $0.7674 – $0.8575 935,276.00
Total Purchase 4,112,000 $3,081,819.20